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Getting Your Body and Budget Ready for Summer

College Grad

As Summer approaches there is a cultural focus on getting our “summer body” in shape. A quick Google search will pull up a plethora of websites claiming to have the answers for how to get a great “summer body.” Have you considered getting your budget in shape this summer as well?

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Post Graduation Wellness

College Grad

Post-graduation stress, anxiety, and depression are REAL! Once they call your name and you walk across that stage, you will officially become a college graduate! Freedom, fun, and adventure await! Two years ago, when I graduated with my undergraduate degree, I felt excited to finally be out of school but that feeling did not last long. A few weeks after graduating I began to job search, and it was not easy. Receiving several rejection calls and emails within a day started to become emotionally draining and imposer syndrome started to creep up again. If you begin to feel any sort of way after graduation just remember that YOU BELONG and that YOU DID IT! If your anxiety and/or depression starts to get bad- seek help!

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Last Updated: 10/30/23