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January Workshop & U Saves Day!

Traveling for Cheap

Flights from homeDo you have the heart of traveler but the wallet of a student? Find out how you can score cheap flights from the founder of the @flighstfromhome Instagram!

Presented by Emily Holt, founder of Flights From Home

Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building (SFEBB), Child Hall (7th floor)
Thursday, January 23rd 12:15pm

U Saves

In partnership with Beta Alpha Psi

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February Workshop


How to Win the Credit Card GameWells Fargo

Are you clueless about credit? Learn how to avoid common credit pitfalls and score an 850.

Presented by Wells Fargo

Union Panorama East
Thursday, February 20th 12:15pm

March Workshop


Thirsty for Business Ownership?

Thirst Drinks

Do you have a great business start-up idea that you want to launch? Come learn how to make your dreams a reality and enjoy some tasty beverages from Thirst Drinks!

Presented by Ethan Cisneros, Founder of Thirst Drinks

Union Panorama East
Tuesday, March 17th   12:15pm


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Last Updated: 12/23/19