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It's Not Too Early To Start Planning for Spring Break!

It’s the start of the Spring semester, which can only mean one thing SPRING BREAK!!!  The Financial Wellness Center is here to help you figure out how you’re going to budget for your most amazing spring break 2020 ever! Let’s get the decade started off right! 
It’s all about asking the right questions to find the best possible solution. When are you going? This questions help frame a time for you to find the best airfare, or insure you requested work off and a timeline of when you need your money saved up for. So when are you going? The University of Utah Spring break is March 7th – March 15th along with Arizona State, Penn State University, Carnegie Mellon, Ohio State, New York University, Boston University and many more.
The next question is: Where are you going? Is it a beach destination maybe you’re visiting a national park or going big and traveling internationally. This question is the most exciting and possibly most difficult one to answer because the price of your trip could vary dramatically. Where your friends want to go might affect your decision. 
Which prompts the next question: How will you get there? Do you need a passport, will it be a cruise or do you just need someone with a reliable car? And once you get there how will you travel around? Bird and Limes? Maybe days filled with Ubers or walking. Will a Car or bus pass/train pass suffice? Will you have to pay a parking fee for your vehicle? Have you researched enough where you are going and what public transportation might be like? 
Accommodation? Where will you stay, is an Airbnb going to be right for you? Can if fit all the people you’re inviting will a resort have everything you need can staying with friends or family help you save a few dollars. Or is it just you and mother nature only a tent apart? 
Food? Will you eat out every meal your there? Will you cook any in your Airbnb or is food provided. How much are you going to budget for grocery’s and how many times are you going to visit a new restaurant?
Last but not least Activities? What are you going to do when you’re there go: river rafting, snorkeling, see a spa, or a show, maybe have a night out in the town, or maybe a tinsey-winsey bit of shopping?
That will bring you to a total amount budgeted, does that work for you or should there be some adjustments to the projected budget? Then, last but not least, how are you going to save for it? Can you eat out less starting the beginning of the semester, skip out on a morning Starbucks and make it at home? Maybe pick up a house sitting or weekend gig from now until Spring break!?
However you figure out to budget and save for this upcoming spring break, remember that there is always a way and sometimes the answer might require a creative solution but that it all starts with asking the right questions. 

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