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About the Center

The Financial Wellness Center provides a competent and confidential atmosphere where students and post docs can have access to accredited counseling services, quality financial education and appropriate tools to achieve lifelong successful financial outcomes.

The Financial Wellness Center at the University of Utah was originally created in 2011 to provide financial counseling for students. 


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Ann C. House

Ann House is a certified financial counselor and educator. She established the Financial Wellness Center in 2011 as a resource for students. She wants the University students to learn to become savvy consumers as they will be making dozens of consumer-financial decisions each day throughout their lives. Ann is also an amateur astronomer, spending her summers in southern Utah gazing at the night sky.

AshleyAshley Price
Financial Counselor

Ashley is an accredited financial counselor and graduate of Utah State University.  Ashley has worked in the FWC since 2016 as a peer mentor and now as a counselor. She is a mom of twin girls and recently purchased her first home. Ashley is passionate about helping students improve their financial situations and build assets. 





Alyson Palmer
Administrative Assistant

Alyson graduated from the University of Utah in Exercise and Sports Science with a minor in nutrition in 2018. Although she is not working in the fitness wellness field, she finds it very imporant to learn about financial wellness. She loves sharing her tips and tricks about traveling for cheap, using a credit card, and having a side hustle. Alyson has been working here for 4 years and loves working with students. She is a strong believer of having a side hustle. She currently teaches 20+ piano students a week. Alyson enjoys being active, cooking, trying new foods, traveling and videography.


Rubi Coria
Graduate Assistant

Rubi is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy( ELP). As an undergraduate student she realized the importance of financial literacy as well as learning the necessary skills needed to manage her money effectively. She loves being able to help students holistically and has enjoyed working with students during their undergraduate experience to help them navigate everyday college life. She is excited to be a part of the FWC team and hopes to be able to help students understand the importance of being informed about their financial endeavors and equip them with the necessary tools to succeed. In her free time, Rubi enjoys painting, reading, baking, and learning about all there is to know about Art History.


Thaiss Del Rio
Peer Coach

Thaiss is an undergraduate student at the University of Utah majoring in Sociology and Political Science with a minor in Ethnic Studies. She is excited to be a part of the FWC team and talk to students about the importance of being financially prepared. Thaiss loves to learn and is passionate about advocating for immigrant rights and for other social justice issues. Apart from being sushi obsessed, Thaiss enjoys reading, eating, and watching Netflix--a little too much sometimes.


Jake Nixon
Peer Coach/Counselor

Jake is an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) and is a senior studying Accounting at the David Eccles School of Busienss. Jake has been working at the Financial Wellness Center since fall 2018 and has a passion for helping clients relieve their financial stress. He believes that anyone who is willing to learn and apply the principles of personal finances has the opportunity to set up their life for a foundation of financial independence and success. Aside from work, Jake can be found working on his start-up business with his wife, fishing and ATV'ing in Island Park and reading a good book. 

sarah aezerSarah Aezer

Peer Coach

Sarah is currently pursuing her Family, Community and Human Development (financial planning emphasis) undergraduate degree with a minor in sociology at the University of Utah and is working towards becoming an Accrediated Financial Counselor. She is excited to be a peer mentor with the Financial Wellness Center, and hopes she can share her passion about financial wellness with fellow students. Sarah loves to connect with families and serve her community, and has been able to do so through her dance instruction and nannying. Working so closely with families has revealed to her the importantance of being financially informed and planning for the future. Sarah enjoys dancing, crafting, cooking, hiking, and spending time with her cat and her husband. 

matthew Matthew Peplin

Peer Coach

Matthew is a senior at the University of Utah, currently studying economics with a minor in history. He is also progressing through the FCS department’s CFP program and hopes to pass that test this summer. Matthew loves to learn and enjoys helping his peers save money and get the most out of each dollar. In his spare time he likes to watch sports, play video games, hang out with friends, and cheer on the Utes.



aspenAspen Francis

Peer Coach

Aspen is a sophomore at the University of Utah studying Marketing and Political Science on a Pre-Law track. Her ultimate goal is to become a lawyer or to market for political campaigns! Aspen is super involved on campus in student organizations, the business school, and greek life! During her spare time she enjoys being around friends, practices photography, or trys new places to eat around Salt Lake!


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