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Lexington Law- Credit Repair Partnership

Lexington Law / Legal Help to Fix Your Credit Report – Phroogal

The Financial Wellness Center and Lexington Law have teamed up to help students learn more about credit. They are offering free credit counseling with professionals from Progrexion and Lexington Law Firm.

“Through Lexington Law and, Progrexion helps clients frame the right questions about their credit, and to direct those questions to the right people, in order to ensure that their reports are fair, accurate and entirely substantiated.”

Progrexion improves time to market 14%

Progrexion aims to empower consumers to positively influence their credit scores and confront any questionable negative items that are hurting their score. Progrexion helps take the stress and uncertainty away from DIY credit repair by offering a myriad of services. Progrexion will explain the credit reporting process, emphasize responsible use of credit, empower personal accountability, and provide web services at an affordable price.

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Progrexion is providing free access for a year to an ExtraCredit ™ by subscription for students that meet with them. This subscription is typically $25/month.

ExtraCredit is an online credit tracking program that has 5 main functions:

  • Track It
  • Build It
  • Reward It
  • Guard It
  • Repair It

In the Track It function, you will be able to see all three of your credit scores, credit history, and a snapshot of current accounts.

Build It adds new tradelines to your credit for things you’re already paying for, such as rent and utilities. You are able to add payments towards electrical, gas, phone, rent, water, and other utilities to your credit file in this section.

  • Reward It shows you different credit card and loan offers for cards you are approved for.
  • Guard It displays your identity theft risks and what you can change to reduce your risk.Your Business Credit Report Is a Reflection of Your Company's Financial  Health. Guard It Well. | MSCCM

In Restore It, you can work to fix your credit with Credit Repair works by reviewing your credit and finding items that are negatively impacting your score. Next, these items are disputed with your creditor and the three major credit bureaus. Finally, you are assisted in managing your credit and reaching your goals


This past week I had the pleasure of talking to Randy Padawer about Progrexion, Lexington Law, and He explained to me the difference between the three major credit bureaus in the US and how they assess your credit differently. Each of the three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, Transunion) collect and report credit with different criteria. Randy taught me about expanding a thin credit file and that I could actually report my rent payments and positively impact my credit history. Randy was very invested in my personal credit situation and taught me lots of new tips on what I can do to build credit as a college student.

Make a FREE  appointment with a Credit Counselor from Progrexion here!

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Last Updated: 12/12/23