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Jackson's Final Assignment at the FWC

5k. Left to RIght, Beth, Elsa, Jackson

Working at the Financial Wellness Center (FWC) has helped me grow personally and professionally over the last 2 years. First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge the two wonderful directors of the FWC - Ann House and Beth Hunsaker - whom I have had the privilege of calling close friends during my tenure.

One of my favorite things about the FWC is its focus on peer mentor development. When I was first hired as a sophomore, I was asked about my goals and what I would like to accomplish at the center. Personally, I have always been interested in investing, so my experience at the FWC was tailored to help me grow in that field. I was given many opportunities to educate and teach other students who were also interested in learning more about investing and personal finance. In return, this helped solidify the knowledge I had already accumulated. Richard Feynman said the best way to learn something is to teach it to others, and I can confidently say that after working at the FWC that statement is completely accurate.

jackson tabling holidng an umbrella

Advice for Future Peer Mentors 

After being a peer mentor and financial counselor for almost 2 years, I would like to offer some advice to those who may follow in my footsteps. First, don't be afraid to admit when you don't know something. This is a very beneficial habit in one-on-one counseling and when learning things for yourself. Students come in with vastly diverse backgrounds and questions, and sometimes you may not have the answers to their concerns. Admitting that you don't know something when you are in a position where you are supposed to have the answers to everyone's problems can be difficult, but it is a habit that you must develop.

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Secondly, step out of your comfort zone. One of the best aspects of the FWC is the access you get to many different opportunities. As a natural introvert, I often found myself shying away from opportunities that would put me in front of large groups of people before working at the FWC. But now I can confidently say that I am much more comfortable speaking in front of crowds. This is 100% due to the experience I gained from giving presentations to classes at the FWC.

jackson speaks in group

Lastly, the FWC is not just a place to work and teach others; you can also take advantage of the center's network. The FWC has many connections, and if you are interested in learning about anything, you can benefit from that network. I have made numerous connections with fabulous people during my time at the FWC, and it has been one of my favorite aspects of working there. Additionally, the FWC provides you with many opportunities to talk and interact with other students on campus regularly. Use these opportunities to build your own network and make new friends around campus. Put yourself out there and be vulnerable.


After my nearly 2 years at the FWC, I can say that I feel much more confident in myself and my finances. As hard as it will be to leave my second home behind, there will definitely be some things I will miss (the wonderful staff) and some things I won't miss as much (Claudia's health drinks). As I bid everyone farewell, I would like to once again thank everyone I have worked with for their absolute dedication to helping students and staff of the university community with all their financial problems. And more specifically, thank you for helping me grow and flourish to my maximum potential before I take the next steps in my life and career.





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Last Updated: 12/12/23