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Investing In Your Health


There are lots of things we can invest in, but oftentimes, we feel guilty when investing in
ourselves. Or, we spend too much money and go overboard, and this can create a toxic
relationship with money. Investing in your health is a good and crucial investment. In this blog
post, we will be talking about habits, consistency, and prevention around investing in your

Your habits play an important role in investing in your wellbeing. Finding ways to save in some
areas so you can splurge in the ones that matter most to you makes investing in your health
possible. An example of putting this to practice is doing an at-home mani so I can spend my
money getting brows and lashes done, because that’s more important to me. Personal finance
is personal, so what one person splurges on may be low on someone else’s priority list, and that
is okay. Budgeting for this will help you create a healthy relationship with self-care spending,
while building good habits.


Consistency is essential when it comes to investing in your health while being smart with your
money. Depriving yourself of things, like eating out, is not sustainable, and can lead to binging.
On the other hand, if you go overboard with self-care costs, this can be too much of a cost, both
for your time and money. In order to balance this, is it important to sit down and do some goal
setting and budgeting so you can align your self-care costs to your values, and make sure you
have money to put toward other things while also putting an adequate amount toward yourself.
We are always here to help you with goals and budgeting, so don’t be scared to book an
appointment with us if you want help or someone to hold you accountable. We can do monthly
check ins, or whatever will help you the most. Remember, steadily investing in yourself and your
health is necessary to maintain financial wellness.


Prevention is a noteworthy topic to mention when talking about investing in our wellbeing.
Investing and putting money down on things that will benefit your health now will save you
money in the long run. Preventative healthcare or self-care items and appointments, such as
investing in a gym membership, are also proven to correlate to better grades in school. A prime
example of investing in preventative health is going to your primary care doctor and dentist 1-2
times a year. I used this example earlier, but getting a membership to a yoga studio or gym is a
great way to invest in your health. This will pay off both now and in your future. Buying quality
products and food that are good for you and the planet may seem like it costs more now, but it
will save you money in the long run by lowering medical bills. Preventative practices are a great
way to invest in yourself and your wellbeing.

Building those healthy, sustainable, consistent habits that prevent disease and keep you
healthy, both physically, mentally, and everything in between are important. Investing in your
health is a great thing to budget money out for, and shouldn’t be undermined. Your wellbeing is
important, and you should invest in it!

Some final reminders! Find that sweet spot: you don’t want to deprive yourself; you want to
enjoy the present moment and invest in your current self and well-being. This will in turn save
you in your lifetime, while also not going into debt for things you don’t truly care about that were
maybe just tempting in the moment.

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Last Updated: 12/12/23