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A Small Budget For A Not So Small Experience 


If you’re attending the University of Utah, by now you may have noticed many people love to mention the availability of ski resorts and after a simple utterance of the word “skiing” a person can witness the energy shift in a room. So, while we may all enjoy hearing our close friends talk about the amazing slopes, they’ve been hitting all season, some of us tend to think to ourselves, “I am not a skier”. However, the intimidation to skiing is usually not in fear of the mountain/snow but due to the prices that belong to the sport.  

After averaging out the ski packages available from the major resorts we see a price of $40-$50 dollars/ski package, only ever including skis, boots, and poles, but not a pair snow pants, or a winter coat. This price alone is understandably intimidating but with the available resources, as a student, it can be diminished. From the University of Utah’s Outdoor Adventure dept. ( A department located at the student life center’s east side entrance/Also available to staff), a basic weekday ski-package is $25. Already, the price of the ski package has fallen $15 dollars and not only does the Outdoor Adventure dept. offer a cheaper price than ski resorts, but they also offer a $10 package for snow pants and coats.  

Experiences make college life enjoyable, and you should be able to have these experiences with a little extra pocket money as well! Here is what you can do to save : 


$40-$50 Skis, boots, poles (Does not include snow Pants/coat) 


$25-$35 Skis, boots, and poles (Weekday) 

$35-$45 Skis, boots, poles, Snow pants, and coat (Weekday) 


The prices of this season’s upcoming tickets are not yet available, but I do know students can obtain discounted tickets on campus.  Check the Campus Recreation Services website in early November for more details! 


And for transportation, if you are a student or staff, all UTA amenities are available for your use at no charge. This includes the train and bus rides to the mouth of the canyon and from there to the resorts. So, no need to worry about paying for gas or where to park once you get there! 


As with many gathering events, food prices can be a little on the pricier side. To save some cash perhaps think about packing your own lunch and little snackies. Many people do this in order to keep to the safer side of budgeting, and many people eat food next to their cars from their own packed coolers.  


You're ready to hit the slopes! 

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Last Updated: 12/12/23