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Summer Financial Reading (and more!)

You don’t have to be a finance major to learn about money and take charge of your personal finances. Summer is a great time to do some extracurricular research. Perhaps you’ll become a personal finance guru by the time fall semester rolls around. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite personal finance books, podcasts, and blogs to dig into while you sit poolside!


Rich Dad, Poor Dad

This book by Robert T. Kiyosaki was first published in 1997, and it is touted as a “life changer” by many who read it. It has great insight into making your money work for you, instead of working for your money, as well as the importance of financial education in building wealth.


Your Money Or Your Life

In this book by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez, you’ll learn how to align your true values with your finances. It’ll help you examine your relationship with money and realize that sometimes living more frugally can increase happiness.


Financially Forward

Cryptocurrencies, mobile pay- lets face it, money looks different these days. In Financially Forward by Alexa Von Tobel, learn how to manage money in a changing world using digital tools. 


The Millionaire Next Door

Millionaires spend all of their money on huge mansions and fancy sports cars, right? According to Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, that isn’t necessarily true. This books reveals what a real millionaire looks like, and how to emulate their habits.



The Ramsey Show

If you have even glanced in the direction of the world of personal finance, you’ve heard of Dave Ramsey. In this podcast, hear Dave give real-time advice to callers and pick up on his tried and true seven “baby steps” to avoiding debt.


Planet Money

In this NPR podcast, you can learn about complex economic, political, and financial topics in a way that is easy to understand and feels downright fun. The range of this podcast keeps me on my toes and coming back for more.


Dumpster Dog Blog

Amanda Holden is gritty and witty and she knows her finances. Her blog and social media always have me laughing and taking serious notes. She also offers courses, if you’re interested in diving deeper with her.


Clever Girl Finance

This blog is about female specific financial empowerment. Finances often differ based on gender identity, and Clever Girl Finance is here to help women build wealth. Founder Bola Sokunbi also hosts a podcast by the same name that I give two thumbs up.


Money Under 30

Many college students are young adults, and this blog was tailor made to answer all of your youthful financial questions! Founder David Weliver created a blog that covers all of the personal finance basics from investing, debt, credit, student loans, mortgages, saving, and more. 


There is nothing like a good book, a podcast in your ear, or browsing an interesting blog to inspire you to make changes in your life and strive for success. So as you laze-about during the long summer days, enrich your life by consuming some fun and informative media about personal finance! 

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Last Updated: 12/12/23